Brian And John

Bouncing a track back and forth. Came up with this so far....   [audio mp3=""][/audio] (5-17-15) [audio mp3=""][/audio]

Book-Nick Veasey X-Ray

X-Ray machines are obtrusive in size, sound and in what they reveal. Used mostly in medical and security environments, they provide a glimpse into what is normally covered by human and non-human exoskeleton. Nick Veasay's…

Forward_Basement Blossoms Compilation

[playlist ids="224,226,228,230,233,235,237,239,241,242"] Fam01 (pdf) Download Music F:amiliar Recordings presents -FMLR001 “Basement Blossoms” Compilation-COPYRIGHT 1999 Featuring electronic compositions by Detroit artists roland king, theorem, greg campbell, lisa ross, taj bell, kwame, jordan, d-type&soulo, tony ollivierra and john…


worldwide_mix_feat_-DJzinc_worldwide-2002 [audio mp3=""][/audio] Bileebob Music page Subbass on SoundCloud Forward_Basement Blossoms Compilation (4-27-14)

Shades Graffiti Artist On PBS

Tony "Shades" Agee is a full-time graffiti artist. Check out this PBS feature he was in and visit his site at (posted in my blog 4-13-14)