Indie Music From Japan

A while ago a friend gave me a few of these Sony Japanese Rock Compilations called Japan Not For Sale 1 2 & 3 . They really turned me on to Japanese Indie rock. Favorites from this series were Puffy, Supercar, Tomovsky, Boom Boom Satellites (I got to interview them in my zine, Fam. (LINK PENDING))I recently stumbled on this list of indie music from Japan that took me down a rabbit hole of indie and shoegaze. Check out

I made a Spotify playlist that includes a bunch of bands mentioned in  the Reddit thread.

Throwing this fine piece of craftsmanship out there…

Hartfield- “Reason”, True Color True Lie
Walrus- Figment of Light
Coaltar of the Deepers- No Thank You LP, “Good Morning”, “Harv No…”
Tokyo Shoegazer- Crystallize LP, “Just Alright”
Kinoko Teikoku- Eureka LP
My Dead Girlfriend- Hades LP, “Hakuiki”, Rebirth & Karma”, Hades in the dead of winter, prologue to the Nine…
Cruyff In The Bedroom “Carillon Blue”
Broken Little Sister “Silence”
Plastic Girl In The Closet “Heart & Soul”
Burrrn, Supercar, Honeydrip, Clams

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