Our Vinyl Weighs A Ton-Stones Throw On Netflix

Our Vinyl Weighs A Ton is a documentary about the Stones Throw label from California. The label features Madlib, Mayor Hawthorne, JDilla, Dam-Funk and many other underground greats. Label head Peanut Butter Wolf tells the origins of the label and how sticking to it’s DIY-credo was essential to surviving when indie labels and record stores where being shut down in a music industry downturn.

Peanut Butter Wolf’s 12hr 12/12/12/

Song Discovories From Netflix

I discovered two songs that took my down the rabbit hole of music discovery and exploration. I just started watching Black Mirror. Episode 2 features a song called “Anyone Who Knows What Love Is” by Irma Thomas.

The end credits of Aziz Ansari Live At Madison Square Garden features “Hippie Hippie Hourrah” by Jacques Dutronic. He was married to Francoise Hardy.  I added him to my short list of French pop music ( which only includes Serge Gainsbourg and Brigitte Bardot).

Irma Thomas- “Anyone Who Knows What Love Is”

Francoise Hardy – Comment te dire adieu

The Diving Bell & The Butterfly


In 1995, Jean-Dominique Bauby suffered a stroke that rendered him parallized and blind in one eye. He suffered from a rare case of locked-in syndrome in which his thoughts and mind were intact but he had no way to convey that inner existence, other than blinking.

Jean-Dominique Bauby was editor for Elle magazine and wrote a memoir while in his incapacitated state with the help of a therapist. He would blink to select a letter recited to him by his therapist.

This movie is subtitled and contains a lot of beautifully shot scenes. The perspective is mostly internal to Jean-Do, as he is called by his friends. Being that his mind is intact, we hear his thoughts and reactions to the doctors and friends that visit.

Should you permit your kids join Musical.ly?

CLEVELAND, Ohio aIf you have kids on heart school, chances are you already know all over musical. Ly, the video sociable networking, and its new spinoff, live. Ly. But are currently that these apps preserve geared towards kids?

Here is the rundown. What’s musical. Ly?

Musical. Ly, the Shanghai-based social-media networking, has long been very popular with young people after which preteens. Testimonials on app’s number of users vary from 60 million to 120 million. Regardless, an incredible number of kids are employing the tv to develop 15-second films of themselves singing, lip-syncing after which dancing. The app, that was highlighted on 2014, has long been free of charge geared towards Apple after which Android appliances. Users, or “Musers” due to the fact fans during these app call up themselves, will likely follow finance to help keep tabs at your favorite artists. Mega-popular celebrities, consisting of Ariana Grande after which Selena Gomez, use the app. Musers will likely fantasy posts, comment, ask searches and allow visitors to intro duets. They can extent talk about his / her musical. Ly delighted on other sociable mass media platforms, after which like the majority of during these platforms, musical. Ly has long been hashtag centric. Last year, the #DontJudgeChallenge proceeded to go viral thanks to musical. Ly’s musers. The sociable mass media campaign was more likely to combat record shaming, as per MTV, but extent execute the opposite simply by reinforcing aesthetic “ideals. “

Musical. Ly users distributed films of themselves going after “ugly” and at glasses, acne, location oral, dense eyebrows after which expertise locks. View the video more than to view a number of the #DontJudgeChallenge, after which know that video has got nearly 120 million sights on YouTube. Essentially, musical. Ly accepts its users to express themselves on an extremely creative trick. But a lot of the app’s users are currently young. Literally, one particular if ever its finest stars, Jacob Sartorius, has long been 13. He has got more than ten million fans at your app. To download after which join the app, users have to be at least 13. But why don’t end up being pure, it is not tough to lie all over how old you are on the net. What’s live. Ly?

Live. Ly, the live-streaming video app, has long been relatively new. It had been highl}UHighted in-may after which racked up more than 2 million downloads on a month. Due to the fact we’ve the majority taken, there’s a driving taking a stand geared towards live-streaming sociable mass media and at Twitter’s musical.ly fans hack Periscope after which Facebook Live. Due to the fact musical. Ly hopes tunes, live. Ly has got musers free of charge reign on how they would like to create fans after which accepts musers to talk to fans in real time. Musers can choose away from a number of different categories, consisting of make-up, lifetime, sing, dance, and the like. , to tag in their live films. So can be that these apps preserve for your heart schoolers?

Most likely. Although the tough part has long been up to you. You must have to ensure that your young man disables location service providers within the app on his / her phone controls. Then in the app, you must have to intro 3 tabs in the app settings:

Only close friends will likely urgent. Ly me personally

Cover location guide

Own factor

To get started on live. Ly, users transmitting on utilizing their musicl. Ly factor, so the installing preferences will likely are still an equal within the live-streaming app. Geared towards live. Ly, distress the requirement for breakthrough intelligent while using the app. Live streaming has long been just what the tv looks like; the body’s young man will always be go on the net, without the capability to edit the video before now other companies view it. Location during these live-stream has long been crucial as it could offer apart details about wherever the body’s young man lives after which spends day time. Here is just one more step 4 to keep in mind. Musical. Ly has long been clearly a minor music-based app, but not the variety of tunes are currently young man friendly. You may get tens of thousands of song categories to choose from after which the words appears fantasy an incredible number of tunes, which means that your young man most likely is not more likely to end up being singing Disney tunes.