Netflix-What Happened Miss Simone

What Happened, Miss Simone is a musically emotional documentary that jaunts us through the life of singer, pianist, activist Nina Simone. Her voice was not the most elegant, which is not a prerequisite quality for a pop star. But she learned to engage her audience at a young age. She was taught classical piano since the age of four and performed at recitals often. Nina Simone often felt something was missing in her life but seemed to find her calling during the civil rights movement in the 60’s. Siding mostly with the eye-for-an-eye philosophy of the Black Panthers, she walked on both sides of the fence, violent and non-violent. Her personal life also saw a bit of this violence and non-violence as she struggled with depression and a controlling, abusive husband that also managed her career. She passed away in 2003 but has influenced many female soul singers such as Mary J Blige, Erykah Badu and Cassandra Wilson.

Nina Simone- “Feeling Good”

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