Snuffing The Fire

Wal-Mart will stop selling the Kindle Fire and other Amazon e-readers later this year. This may give Google’s Nexus a leg up.  Huffington Post reviews the Kindle against all others.

Kindle My Fire

Kindle Fire is really piquing my interest. I am a Kindle 3 lover and at $200, am considering the 7-inch tablet. Release date is November 15. No camera, no microphone. Consume books, movies, music. 8Gig storage is not a lot for storing movies. Device designed mostly for streaming and “content consumption”. Big question is […]

E-Books Are Almost There

I still read real books with real pages that I can really smell and put my paws on. My Kindle is five months old. For a while I was reading it constantly but have shelved it as I return to my bookshelf. I just finished reading the Martha Stewart biography, Martha Inc. and am currently […]

Bag Fulla E-Readers

As e-readers gain popularity, there are several brands and models to choose from. The biggies are the Kindle, Nook and ultra lux iPad. An educated consumer will make a confident purchase and won’t regret what is bought. Here is some information to consider when buying and weighing the options.

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