All My Friends Are Legends- Famzine Interviews

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Jerry Abstract- Demo Design_2001

2001 01 10   1.      It seems like there are a bunch of graphic design groups in Detroit, especially those designing for underground events.  Do you find the competition thick? We do not feel pressure from other Detroit based graphic designers.  There is more pressure coming from us than anyone.  The competition is us pushing […]

Mudgie’s- Get in ma BELLY!

February 1st, 2008 Get your tummy ready for something great. The hardest working waiter in Detroit opens his own restaurant on Monday, February 4. The doors of Eph Mcnally’s on Porter Street closed but Greg Mudge could not pass the opportunity to keep the venue open. With new menu and new paint, Mudgies will bring […]

Blank Artists 3 Year Rager

  Video: Promo, PA01, PA02 Congrats to the Blank Artists label on 3 years of doing their own thang! Their party was celebrated at the legendary Bankle. Featured talent was Josh Dahlberg, Josh Cummings, Drew Pompa, Vacuum, E Spleece, & Codine. Detroit By Design’s Rich Rice was the most gracious host. This promo video will […]


December 7th, 2008 nospectacle combines music and video into a mind melting live performance. The trio consists of Walter Wasacz, Jennifer Paull and Chris McNamara. On Friday, November 28 at Cranbrook Art Museum, they performed a set loosely based on “Exploding Plastic Inevitable,” the multimedia experience created by Andy Warhol in the mid-1960s. Walter […]

IPM Radio Gives Power To The People

January 2nd, 2009 Radio has advanced drastically since its golden age in the 1930’s. Every 20 years has seen a major boost in radio evolution. It held the attention of youth in the 1950’s when DJ Alan Freed popularized the phrase rock n’ roll. The 70’s were saturated with AOR or album-oriented rock. The 90’s […]

1989to1217 ii

At least once a week I catch a clock reading 12:17. JULY, 1993 As a result of fighting with my mom, it was my second day of not going home. I was 22. I had been arduously running my own DJ company since 8th grade. Not quite getting it right, I was still able to […]


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Bileebob-mixtape_crossfadegenius_1993 Download

Download mix tape made when I lived at 1217 Griswold, Detroit. The building was occupied by ravers, promoters, DJs, musicians, artists….

FAM magazine 1998 Download

Download PDF of the zine we did in 1998 that started the whole project (43MB):  

Dan Tatarian- Showtime Clothing

Dan proclaims to be an avid reader, recently consuming history books about Pythagoras and five works on the life of Abe Lincoln. He is also a great retailer. Showtime Clothing sits on the corner of Woodward and_____, right near I-94 overpass. Dan shows me around his store and picks out some shirts to try on. […]

Rex Sepulveda-In Full Effects

Rex Sepulveda is a DJ and producer keeping the electronic beat of the city alive and loud. He will be performing at Family on Feb 9. We stole a few moments of his studio time while he prepared for the gig.   “I’ve been to Europe a couple of times but I want to travel […]

Kat Lemos Re-Opens Oslo

Last winter, the doors closed on a venue that was eclectic, eccentric and all things Detroit. Oslo opened in 2004 and quickly became the place to be and be seen. In one venue, you could eat great sushi dishes and break a sweat to hot-ass underground DJs. Well, have no fear kiddies. Oslo re-opens tonight, […]

Black Ink(c)- Klever Design_20071212

On Thursday, Dec 13, Klever Design celebrated 10 years in the business. They produce graphic design, layout and printing for clients, locally and internationally. Sarah Black is one of the company’s partners and took a sec to rap with us about ink. How old is Klever Design? 10 years old. Do you have a design/ […]

Mike Woo_20070907

The city is teeming with cats inspired to do anything creative and positive. Mike Woo is a hot DJ playing multiple genres in his music selection. He is organizing the Dally In The Alley festival this year, but took a sec to chat… Are you a Detroit native? Yes, I was born in Hong Kong […]

DJ BONE- Subject Detroit_20070605

DEMF weekend is always a great time to catch up with great artists and old friends. Bone is back in Detroit for a sec. He is currently living in Kentucky but upholds Detroit worldwide. What is the pace of Louisville like? Our house in Louisville is cool, it’s our place to relax and let our […]


Matt Clarke Substance/Subculture/Dbdjs/Detroit Dubstep In your car? Dubstep or Broken Beat ala N-type, Skalpel, Old Dj Shadow/Rjd2 On a road trip? It’s always a group decision, with the power to veto. When you wanna get your freak on? Barry White. While gettin’ your freak on? Dadamnphreaknoisephunk..It’s a perfect blend of hip-hop instumentals with a heavy […]

Josh Dahlberg-Blank Artists_20070524

It’s great when Detroit gets another creative soul in her oil grime clutches. Josh is a mighty creator in his own right and has his finger on the pulse of the next genius you haven’t heard about- yet. Do you miss Lansing? There are things I miss about Lansing, namely some old friends and the […]

DiscoD 98-99

Disco D talked with us when he was 18 years old. He was really starting to make a name for himself in Detroit and Ann Arbor. He passed away early 2007. Read more about his life. How long have you been spinning? Since I was 15….so a few years. Describe your style. Well some people […]