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Digital Book Sales Down

Digital book sales are down for the first 1/4 of 2015. According to the report by the Association of American Publishers, there was growth shown in young adult and audio books.

Snuffing The Fire

Wal-Mart will stop selling the Kindle Fire and other Amazon e-readers later this year. This may give Google’s Nexus a leg up.  Huffington Post reviews the Kindle against all others.

Kindle My Fire

Kindle Fire http://amzn.to/qgaFhs is really piquing my interest. I am a Kindle 3 lover and at $200, am considering the 7-inch tablet. Release date is November 15. No camera, no microphone. Consume books, movies, music. 8Gig storage is not a lot for storing movies. Device designed mostly for streaming and “content consumption”. Big question is […]

E-Books Are Almost There

I still read real books with real pages that I can really smell and put my paws on. My Kindle is five months old. For a while I was reading it constantly but have shelved it as I return to my bookshelf. I just finished reading the Martha Stewart biography, Martha Inc. and am currently […]

Dude, Where’s My Library?

If you love books, or multimedia for that matter, you will find it easy to get lost in libraries. I have been in crappy libraries that have just that, a bunch of crap- not a wide variety of books, movies or music. The library was kind of new and had more VHS tapes than DVD’s. […]

Bag Fulla E-Readers

As e-readers gain popularity, there are several brands and models to choose from. The biggies are the Kindle, Nook and ultra lux iPad. An educated consumer will make a confident purchase and won’t regret what is bought. Here is some information to consider when buying and weighing the options.

Wikipedia Exports To PDF
Wikipedia Exports To PDF

Wikipedia is an encyclopedia project where users contribute articles and freely edit the content. The concept works OK and the site is good for general information on a subject. (The site has a page dedicated to its reliability.) If inaccurate information is posted, someone can “correct” it. The site is 10 years old and host […]

Servant Leadership

I enjoy reading all kinds of topics. I love business books and came across this PDF that talks about Servant Leadership.  The document describes what it takes to be and effective servant leader and how one can develop the skills to be a better one.  

E-Reader Tools

You can use OpenOffice text document creator to convert text doc’s to PDF’s. OpenOffice is a free download and is like having the Microsoft Office suite for nothin’! Create text docs, spreadsheets, and presentations. Calibre (pronounced Caliber) is a free e-book management system that is DYNOMITE! Download articles from a myriad of news sources. Your […]


Having an e-reader is like having a library in your pocket. I am sure there are books you were supposed to read in school and never did. Once you read them, you may realize you missed out on something special. Read classics and discover some great not-so classics. If you don’t like them, it never […]