Bileebob creates sexy electronic music featuring vocals, soft & hard synths, hand-made instruments, and life sounds. He has been involved with the Detroit and Midwest electronic music scene since the mid 90’s. He has performed internationally in Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Scotland and Nova Scotia as a member of the Detroit Grand Pubahs and Underground Resistance. As a DJ, he blends a seamless mix of all genres, including techno and house, electro and new wave, twisting knobs and tweaking the EQ to the crowd’s anticipant delight.

In the mid-90′s he sang lead for a local ska band, The Exceptions, and released 2 CDs and various comps with them. He has released tracks on UR, SubBass SoundSystem, Plan B Recordings, JiveElectro, THROW and +8.


Explore Bileebob on vinyl . Remixes include tracks for Anthony Rother & Homewreckers. Always one to colaborate, he co-wrote tracks on Theorem’s first album, Nano and the Detroit Grand Pubahs’ smash debut, Funk All Y’all.

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Bileebob & Marshallito- Spaceis


“Meanwhile” and “GTR4″  are available on vinyl.