Took the brothers for a haircut. Can buttons be any cuter?bros-haircuts Ashton is the 2 year old. Ashty is a cutie... and fast. He usually has one sock on and one off. he throws his blanket off in his crib along with his books. Don't leave anything open, unlocked or in reach because he will explore it. We had to get a latching trashcan because he was digging. Coffee grounds all over the place. He's undoing while his brother is doing ! These 2 are our first boys. All the other kids are girls. we had no idea the difference. Each kid has their own thing. Makes me realize the snowflake in all of us.

We are having a yard sale fundraiser Friday June 5th and Saturday June 6th! Please feel free to stop by and see what goodies we have for sale! We are taking a chance and doing this by donation only! Isaiah will be running Zay's Snack Stand both days to help raise money to bring his sister home! We are very close to having our dossier sent to Ch*na!

lala_yayaWe are in the process of adopting an 8 year old girl from China. She will be our 2nd international adoption- our 6th child. We had the pleasure of hosting her over Christmas when she stayed with us for a month in December-January. Xiao Ya (Xiao, like shower), teamed up nicely with our Haitian-born 9 year, Landie (Lon-zee). Xiao Ya has down syndrome like our Ashty.  We were surprised at her independence during her visit and happy to see her doing so many things on her own without fear, being in a strange new place.

The process for international adoptions is of course a bit more daunting than domestic, but we find them all rewarding after the long waiting period and stacks and stacks of paper. My wife and I just dropped close to $900 getting fingerprints done down in Detroit. Ugh! The building was new, we were in and out quickly and so was our money. But again, all rewarding in the end. Xiao Ya wanted the nickname Ya-Ya, which was perfect because we have a ZayZay who calls Landie, LaLa. She fit right in perfectly! My wife had fun using Google Translate to communicate with her, being that she didn't speak english. It was not as big of a problem as we thought it would be. We understood each other through gestures and pointing mostly. We were able to get her some glasses while she was here and sent her a birthday cake back in China recently. We are looking forward to welcoming her back home, for good.

zay-classAll of our kids have nicknames. "Zay" (or ZayZay) He is our first boy, 2nd adopted child, 3 years old and 4th in the family line. He is also super cute. I call him our baby model, although we would never subject him to that life 🙂 And of course at that age he says some pretty funny stuff. His vocabulary has grown like crazy in the past few weeks and he talks and talks. Still developing words, we have him repeat things and sometimes still don't know what he's talking about. He just learned to say "banana" properly, calling it "Obanna" before. When he wants an orange he asks for an "ojay".