I am Adventure Dad. Ever since the kids were little, (all of them), I would take them on trips around town, sometimes not knowing where we were going, sometimes not wanting to tell them. When they would ask about our destination, I would say we were going on "an aaadvennntuurrre!", which I would like to think made the outing a little more fun. Sometimes it would be a visit to Eastern Market or just a bunch of little stops while running errands.

I am a stay-at-home dad since August 2014. I never thought it would be easy and I find myself as busy as I was working an IT Help Desk position at my old gig. It takes a lot of patience, time management, all the skills your boss would expect you to have. And let me tell you, "my boss" expects me to have 'em too! She is the bread winner now after being the default stay-at-home mom since we decided to have kids. But we have a great situation because she works from home too.