Waiting For Approval

In April we were stuck waiting on gov't approval to adopt. We had our fingerprints done on April 21st. At the time, rumor has it that they were just just getting to processing fingerprints from mid-February, so we predicted we might be waiting a while. We were also stuck just below the half way mark of our fundraising goal. We had a garage sale planned for the first weekend of June during our neighborhood wide sale, had a 3rd car to sell and applied for grants. We HATE having to ask for help! We funded our other three adoptions with no help and no debt. This adoption is significantly more expensive because of agency fees, international travel etc. We also have a much shorter time frame to get a much larger amount of money together. We know that we can do this and she is SO worth any sacrifices that we are making! Please feel free to share our page with others, on your blog, Facebook page etc.

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