Took the brothers for a haircut. Can buttons be any cuter?bros-haircuts Ashton is the 2 year old. Ashty is a cutie... and fast. He usually has one sock on and one off. he throws his blanket off in his crib along with his books. Don't leave anything open, unlocked or in reach because he will explore it. We had to get a latching trashcan because he was digging. Coffee grounds all over the place. He's undoing while his brother is doing ! These 2 are our first boys. All the other kids are girls. we had no idea the difference. Each kid has their own thing. Makes me realize the snowflake in all of us.

Still waiting for travel approval along with two other families due to a computer glitch on the remote end. I will be traveling alone but am hoping to hear something definitive and soon about when to officially book flights. We are already seeing airfare rates double but have faith we will hear something soon.

Yikes!!! We are in the home stretch! We are expecting to have travel approval the first week of November! John will be traveling alone to save on costs and we need someone to be home with the rest of the crew. We are about half way to our fundraising goal with about 5 weeks left! Stay tuned for a 31 Fundraiser by my sweet friend Nichole. We have been told that we can use airline miles to purchase tickets, so if you have any that you aren't going to use, please let us know! Many of the flights we've looked up are through the major US carriers. Thank you to all who have supported us, asked how you can help and encouraged us to start this page so you could help. We are thankful for all of you!

Our paperwork is still in translation, so we continue to wait. Once it is out, our agency says the timeline gets more predictable. An online friend is doing a purse fundraiser for us, so if you have a good to new condition bag you'd like to donate, feel free to message me for details! No recent updates on girl to help encourage us along 🙁 We're all ready for her to come home. Isaiah asks when she's coming and we tell him by Christmas, so hopefully he isn't let down if it doesn't happen by then. Please share our page so we can get the word out! Did you all see the family adopting a little boy from China on CNN that got fully funded after his story ran? We can do this!!!

All of our paperwork has made it to China and we are hoping it is in translation at this point. From there, our file will be matched with hers and we will send in our I800 form that will officially approve us to adopt Yaya (versus just the approval to adopt a child). Of course all of this comes with additional fees and we found out this week that there are about $3000 in fees that we weren't aware of. So, if anyone knows of a fundraiser or has a home based business that we could do as a fundraiser, something to donate that we could sell or auction off, that would be wonderful! Donations are always welcome too! 🙂 John will be the only one traveling to get Yaya because flights are so expensive and someone needs to be here to take care of the rest of the kiddos! We are still hoping she will be home by Christmas!

We are having a yard sale fundraiser Friday June 5th and Saturday June 6th! Please feel free to stop by and see what goodies we have for sale! We are taking a chance and doing this by donation only! Isaiah will be running Zay's Snack Stand both days to help raise money to bring his sister home! We are very close to having our dossier sent to Ch*na!

2925. The number of days our girl has been waiting for a Mama. Note that does not add up to her 9 years. She did have parents who must have loved her very much to make a decision that they did. For her privacy, we won't go into her story here because it is her story. Hoping and praying that this year is my last Mother's Day without her as well! We are in the waiting game now. Waiting on our approval. Everything is pretty much off our plate at this point and the rest of the time until we go get her is just a waiting. At least during the paper chase of the adoption we felt like we were "doing" something to keep moving!
Please consider a donation to our adoption fund in honor of your mother or someone who was a mother figure in your life 🙂

In April we were stuck waiting on gov't approval to adopt. We had our fingerprints done on April 21st. At the time, rumor has it that they were just just getting to processing fingerprints from mid-February, so we predicted we might be waiting a while. We were also stuck just below the half way mark of our fundraising goal. We had a garage sale planned for the first weekend of June during our neighborhood wide sale, had a 3rd car to sell and applied for grants. We HATE having to ask for help! We funded our other three adoptions with no help and no debt. This adoption is significantly more expensive because of agency fees, international travel etc. We also have a much shorter time frame to get a much larger amount of money together. We know that we can do this and she is SO worth any sacrifices that we are making! Please feel free to share our page with others, on your blog, Facebook page etc.

In some of the following posts I will share some of the steps we have taken to adopt Xiao Ya from China. Back in February, we had our first home study meeting. There a few of these but the social worker assured us she was quick and could get everything wrapped up soon.
Ya Ya turned 9 at the end of March. We arranged to have a special treat delivered to her around her birthday and hoped to get an update and picture when it arrives. It had been 2 months since we saw her and hadn't heard any news. Our home study was completed and were hopeful our agency would review it soon. Once that is done, we can send it and other forms to immigration for review and to get a fingerprint appointment. We predicted things would slow down at this point as we were at the mercy of various offices to keep our paperwork moving.